I love to understand general principles and methodes, and to create things (bring ideas on the material level). I wrote about 260 patents and created a number of fine well-known educational puzzles (Happy Cubes and Cricro Puzzles, Snuzzles) and some original concepts in game-development. (interacting changeable dice and other gameparts). These puzzles reformulate in a very simple logic concept three-dimensional thinking and provoke mathematical skills.

I was involved with video compression technology , and till 2011 also in plasma technology. Now (2016) I focus on solar energy.

I am Master in Political and Social Sciences.

Now instead of creating puzzles I want to solve your puzzle: bring you the Unification Key ... and the Joy of Tunity.

If you have questions about my holon approach you can email me at dirk.laureyssens (at) gmail.com.

I have some movies related to my holon theory on youtube. This is the link.

Recently I started to make paintings about the cosmic membrane and hundreds of interconnected holons on it's surface. I call it Holon Art

Thanks for visiting my website, and have a fine harmonic life!

Dirk Laureyssens, Belgium, Antwerp.

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