I put here some animated images to show better the dynamics of the membrane layers in the Human holon.

In the Human holon (the totality of his sub-holons and their inside spacetime layers) the membranes exchange vibrations. Indeed the spacetime membrane is everywhere not only an ISOLATOR but also a CONDUCTOR.

Consciousness can be seen as the set of higher ranked vibrations of membrane-layers in sub-holons noticed by the human holon in a passive and/or voluntary way. The more value a vibration gets the higher is his rank.
By the hierachic building up of more complex holons (human evolution)a human evaluation process is incorporated. For everyone this is different in his body. Just thing at the resistance against pain.
On this image you see how the attention of a human changes in his NOW. This dynamic shift of higher valued vibrations is to the person involved HIS REALITY. This means he is only conscious about a limited number of variable parameters. The human can volontary focus on certain by his cerebrospinal system but some membrane vibrations with have priority when his sensory system and the sympathetic system (unconscious /involuntary) overpower the first.

The image below shows that we can use the same design to look on the pure biologic human concept. Depending what happens with his body will create other membrane interactions in his body.

Of course this human level is interconnected with consciousness and all other states of mind, including deeper membrane levels such as spiritual.

Some remarks.

During our daily live we are aware of our surrounding by our sensors. The brain acts with fast brainwaves (Beta and Alpha). Thus we can FOCUS our Attention.
By learning (pelatrating knowledge holons) we gather knowledge. From this experience we can program our individual priorities till a certain degree.
We can also train our body (Physical sub-holons), but also there there are limits. We can adapt these sub-holons in certain degree by the food we eat and the beverage we drink (importance of the correct pH level of 7 till 8).
Since short science also started DNA/Genes-manipulation, to go further than natural evolution constructed.

I hope this information brings you some vipassana.

© Dirk Laureyssens, 2002/3. All rights reserved.