The membrane layers in the Human holon shown on the previous pages only tell a part of the story. The Human holon is the result of various holon combinations. The numbers on next image reflect each another type of multi-layered membrane tube. All are the result of combinations of membrane peaks (MO and/or M1). Since the membrane is non-breakable you get very fast a number of additional layers, like you see in tube 8. The human will hold billions of combinations of such tubes in his dynamic structure. Thus the human holon contains also the network to collect non-local information, and that is important to understand consciousness.

Everything is just the result of combinations of these membrane peaks (MO and/or M1).

Tubes like 2, 3 and 5 have less layers, and will be more related to photons or other fast particles. Very simplified: Light Tubes like nr. 2 shine on the body.
In Tube nr 8 the green area symbolizes the Genes and DNA coming from the parents. Don't forget that in this design only ONE line will make the full design, because there is only ONE membrane that makes ALL (like one paper-sheet in Origami). By the basic membrane everything is interconnected.
It is interesting to refer here to Arthur Koestler. You will notice that our presentation confirms his abstract vision: (quote)This dual aspect in the evolution of science reflects a basic polarity in nature itself: differentiation and integration.
In the growing embryo, successive generations of cells branch out into diversified tissues, which eventually become integrated into organs. Every organ has a dual character of being a subordinate part and at the same time an autonomous whole - which will continue to function even if transplanted into another host. The individual itself is an organic whole, but at the same time a part of his family or tribe. Each social group has again the characteristics of a coherent whole but also of a dependent part within the community or nation. Parts and wholes in an absolute sense do not exist anywhere. The living organism and the body social are not assemblies of elementary bits; they are multi- levelled, hierarchically organised systems of sub-wholes containing sub-wholes of a lower order, like Chinese boxes. These sub-wholes - or "holons", as I have proposed to call them - are Janus-faced entities which display both the independent properties of wholes and the dependent properties of parts. Each holon must preserve and assert its autonomy, other wise the organism would lose its articulation and dissolve into an amorphous mass - but at the same time the holon must remain subordinate to the demands of the (existing or evolving) whole. "Autonomy" in this context means that organelles, cells, muscles, nerves, organs, all have their intrinsic rhythm and pattern of functioning, aided by self-regulatory devices; and that they tend to persist in and assert their characteristic patterns of activity. This 'self-assertive tendency' is a fundamental and universal characteristic of holons, manifested on every level, from cells to individuals to social groups.
" (end of quote)

Arthur Koestler - The Roots of Coincidence (1972).

Photo of the author with Karl Pribram at the Luzern Conference 2005 on Consciousness and teleportation.

Explaining the Spacetime layers and there interaction. Karl Pribram saw analogies with the brain structure(s).

I hope this information brings you some vipassana.

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