The Coupling of Mind and Body.

Life is the combination of two basic types of energies, which we call holons. These two basic energies are combined and intertwinned on several levels, and are constantly interacting.

From and through Earth we receive the essential bricks to build our body. From other dimensions we receive other type of information and energy. Some people call that the Aura and meeting points between body and spiritual micro-tubes are called Chakra's. The aura is build up by several sheaths or Koshas (also called Kosas).

Next image shows how body and mind are coupled during the fertilization process, the Mind or Spirit pelastrates the Zygote.

The building of the human cell and coupling with the mind goes in next steps.
The sperm approaches the ovum. Sperm and ovum have each a different topological layering. They are much more complex and layered than in above image since they contain each 23 chromosomes and other sustaining systems (i.e. moving tail of sperm).
At this moment a number of spirits are waiting for an occassion for a reincarnation. They all have a different topological history (stored in topological inside sub-holons of a spirit). The inside sub-holons are called intra-holons.
On the moment of fertilization - which is probably the moment of fusion of the pronuclei - the pelastrating spirit enters also the membrane layers which are related to the karyogamy (pronuclei). For that moment the spirit couples with the new mono-cell (called zygote).
Now the zygote is unitied with the re-incarnated spirit. The spirit and cell are still isolated by a pure membrane, but they ar compressed together. By this compression they move together. And the mind and cell interacts by surface vibrations. If the spirit vibrates also the cell vibrates, and when the cell vibrates these vibrations are also felt in the spirit. In fact it's a very simple process of exchange of vibrations (oscillations). Now the cell starts to divide in a process called cleavage.

A very interesting action happens after five days: We see that during the blastula phase and gastrula phase the whole starts to make a hollow structure! Just like the basic membrane is. A sphere. And then two sides of the hollow cell starts to bend and couple with the other side. This is very similar how on the membrane two parts join to make new holons. As above ... So below.
To end here it refer to the potency of the membrane to create on any spot of it's surface(s) sub-holons. So also
between layers of a holon new pelastrations can happen and create local couplings.
A local coupling means: A Local structure, which is local

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