Our world(s) show a complex of interconnectedness on the macro and micro levels which provoke a diversity of living and non-living forms. The pelastration manifold explains the basic paradox, but also the answers to similar paradoxes about life and religion. Till today these paradoxes were given by revelations and philosophy, now we can "see" how it works. The basic paradox of how matter and spirit (energy) is created from "emptiness" is answered by proving that at the second level of manifolding a duality in possibilities of impact-combinations starts. It becomes clear that which of the tubes becomes the active impact tube determinates the outcome. Although started with identical forces the layer-characteristics will differ. 2+1=3 is not the same as 1+2=3.

Three is not Three ! ... and that means a lot.

Here you see the same paradox shown in another way.

In A (right side) you see how the 2(-) pelastrates a part of the membrane (1) and the result is 3 (+), a holon with 5 layers. But on the left side (B) you see how a peak (1) of the membrane pelastrates the holon 2(-), and the result is 3(-), a different holon with 7 layers.
So the orientation of a pelastration gives another number of layers.

Of course combinations of one, two, three + and three - give a lot of combinations of next levels, since 4 will not be the same as 4, 5 will be not the same as 5, etc.
This apparent contradiction is solved by looking for a higher level. The observer standing on level 1 (where duality is created in 2) has the OVERVIEW. But the observer standing in 3(-) or 3(+) sees only two different events, from which one is "un-real".

But even the lower observer will be confronted with more of these anomalies. He will not understand what is the origine/cause of certain of his observations, and will introduce an "uncertainty principle" (Heisenberg) and systems like Quantum Mechanics.

For example: on the forth level a 5 composed by [(3+)+2] and [(4+1)+1] are layered identically (but might have other density characteristics), but is also layered identical as [1+(3+)]= 4. When observer's evaluation system is based on the scientific approach of "counting layers" these three will be judged as IDENTICAL. We know however that their combinations of matter and energy is NOT IDENTICAL.

The result of these pelastrations is a number of local "closed" zones which seem to be independent to the observer but still are connected in a double way, first by the "JOINT", secondly by the "LAYERING". Interaction between them is thus still possible.

The Paradox of Creation.
Einstein looked 30 years for the Gravitational Ether which would be the "primair" kinetic source in the conception of the Universe. Movements of the ether or movements in the ether could give a mechanical approach of the universe.
Below analysis shows how pelastration gives the key to the creation of new (embedding previous dimensions) dimensions by restructering of the Gravitational Ether.

The Paradox of Creation
The Paradox of the Quantum Leap can also be explained.

Michio Kaku: "The original 10 dimensional space-time finally "cracked" into two pieces, a four and a six dimensional universe. The universe made the "quantum leap" to another universe in which six of the 10 dimensions collapsed and curled up into a tiny ball, allowing the remaining four dimensional universe to explode outward at an enormous rate. The four dimensional universe (our world) expanded rapidly, creating the Big Bang, while the six dimensional universe wrapped itself into a tiny ball and shrunk down to infinitesimal size."

In the pelastration concept the original structure splits in a basic passive part (receptive tube) and the pelastrating second part (impact tube) that becomes double layered. cfr. Kaku's 10 = 6 + 4 dimensions

De-pelastration= when the impact redraws this acts like a block-hole (shrinking and increasing density) till it disappears in a funnel (Kaku: "One puzzle, however, is that, according to Einstein's equations, the funnel of a black hole necessarily connects our universe with a parallel universe. Furthermore, if the funnel connects our universe with itself, then we have a "worm hole"

Look now to the design of the pelastration: a white hole, that during the de-pelastration (decay) becomes a black hole.

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