The Divine Trinity is one of the mysteries in a number of monotheistic religions. How to interpret some of the "divine" information related to the creation of the world and aspects of God as revealed by different type of Guru's or in Holy books?
Below we see how the pelastration concept is explaining the basic relationship between Brahman and Atman in Hinduism.

In the Vedanta Gita and others we find quotes like this:

"The Lord on account of Maya is perceived as manifold" - Brhadaranyaka Upanishad II-v 19

Gita, Ch. 7, Verse 4.
"I am endowed with two Shaktis, namely the superior and the inferior natures; the field and its knower (spirit is the knower of the field; matter is the field.) I unite these two".

Gita,Ch.13, verse 26.
"Wherever a being is born, whether unmoving or moving, know thou Arjuna, that it is from the union between the field and the knower of the field".
(Purusha is the knower of the field; Prakriti is the field; Shiva is another name for the knower of the field and Shakti is the field; Spirit is another name for the knower of the field and Matter (Prakriti) is the field).

The Paradox of TRINITY in Christianity.

In Christian religion God which is also the Father, the Spirit and the Son. And if you included 3(-) you will find the devil (with an extra layer of matter).
Here you can see the principles behind the 'Resurrection' of Jesus Christ when you apply depelastration by which Jesus manifestation in matter splits up again in the Holy Spirit and a specific part of God is no longer jointed with this manifestation ... although ALL is still ONE.

The Paradox of Devine Trinity

I show in next animated image this concept of the mysterious divine Trinity

Starting from a dynamic spherical membrane (representing the Absolute unmanifested Energy) two or more parts (tubes, cyclinders) can expand and hit each other, where the smaller one (force) can penetrate the large one. However since the membrane substance is not breakable the two sides of the large tube are pushed away, where parts of these two sides cover the smaller tube, just like a double glove would cover the fingers of a hand.

The concept of the "Holy Spirit" in Christianity implicates the presence of structure. Here pure energy is transformed in a multi-layered structure.

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