Animated image of the topological dynamic Tree of Life.
It is important to understand that all esoteric schools state that every-thing is vibration. String theory tried to give us an approach where there are zillions of little vibrating strings, instead of starting with a single vibrating string or vibrating membrane that represents the UNITY.

Essential in the understand how a singularity can create local dualities (Yin + yang) is the Law of Unbrokenness. Instead of Hawking's exploding "point of singularity" I postulate that a "singularity" cannot destroy itself because it keeps it's integrity and essence. In religious terms you can ask: " Why would the God (the Unity) commit suicide, like Hawking says without words?
So the singularity will create local subsets, and these subsets (holons) are re-structured membrane.
So ALL SUBSETS are still membrane.

All manifestations that we see and measure in our Universe (like fundamental particles, atoms, molecules, objects and living entities) are multilayered membrane. And the way the multilayering happens is due to a Universal Coupling process. This is what you see in next animated image. You will see that when we go lower that more and more layers are added. That results in more and more density, and less flexibility.

Frank Wilczek, Noble prize winner in Physics, points to the essence: “How is it possible to construct heavy objects out of objects that weigh nothing?. Only by “creating mass out of pure energy.
(see Wilczek video info below)

Creating Mass out of Pure Energy.
That is what I shown on above animated image.
That image is topological fully correct.

The dynamic Membrane represents the pure energy. I call that "neutral" energy, since it is not manifested yet.
Separated membrane peaks couple/merge by a penetration action. They make a new union, that will act as a whole (a unit, called a holon).

That union has three (local) membrane layers. Not 2 layers, but 3 layers. Not 4 layers, but 3.
This local unit has a central vertical peak (the pusher, the force, yang) that is covered by 2 layers of the passive horizontal tube (yin).
Thus the "unit" has duality since it contains a force part (+) and a dependent part (-).
However the "unit" is still connected with the large (Mother Membrane), and a part of these connections are not in the unit itself.

The act of penetration (that I call Pelastration) is orthogonal.

In the second stage we see in the animated gif that the central (black) layer will create by it's vibrations again two separate peaks. One passive peak and an active peak, and again - following the same pelastration principle explained above - will make a new - more complex - holon.

This approach explains the essential difference between
bosons and fermions. Indeed we see how the vertical action is related to the energy (since we can add up energy like in lasers), and how the horizontal action is related to "cooling" (passive) energy that becomes "structure" (mass, matter).

In the animated image we see
how stepwise the adding of more and more layers happens. By adding layers the local structure becomes more dense (weigth, mass) and become more rigid (hard, less flexible).
That's the geometrical answer to Wilczek's question: "How creating mass out of pure energy ?".

You can check the Wilczek video on
==quote from the abstract about that video==
Perhaps the universe is not so much strange as brimming with lovely paradox. The search for such beauty seems to lie at the heart of Frank Wilczek’s work. Twentieth century physics, from Einstein through Wilczek’s own Nobel Prize-winning efforts, involves demonstrating the existence of a topsy-turvy reality: for instance, that such sub-atomic particles as quarks and gluons, which have little or no mass, “orchestrate themselves into not just protons and neutrons but you and me,” according to Wilczek.

How is it possible to construct heavy objects out of objects that weigh nothing?,” he asks. Only by “creating mass out of pure energy.” These particles are essentially “excitations in otherwise empty space.”

Says Wilczek: “That suggests something …beautiful and poetic: the masses of particles are not like, or similar to or metaphorically suggested by —
they are the tones or frequencies of vibration patterns in dynamical voids.”
The theory of quarks and gluons and the strong interaction accounts quantitatively for “the mass of protons, neutrons and ultimately you and me and everything around us.” But physics has not yet squared away all aspects of the universe. Wilzcek says that “in cosmology, we meet our match, and don’t know what’s going on.” This is because scientists can’t account for much of the mass in the cosmos. 70% of this mass is in “dark energy,” which is pushing the universe apart. Wilczek hopes that explanations for the dark stuff will emerge through improving equations, unifying theories of different interactions and extending their symmetries. “Beautifying equations leads not to ugly consequences but beautiful surprises,” he concludes.

We can analyse this approach by looking to the Pascal Triangle. To me that very nice approach is not complete. It doesn't show us where the chains of one's are coming from. In next animated image or movie I explain it.
The essence is that "matter" is entangled or knotted pure energy.

Want this image as a small (700Kb) .MOV movie to download? Click here! (without voice)
The membrane in action: Mass is related to the number of layers in a holon. More layers means more mass (weight)
Without a concept like the coupling of a membrane, scientists need to use magic ideas like "quantum superposition" to explain our reality.

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