The central picture in Kabbalah is the Tree of Life containing 10 sefirot and 22 paths. This design was derived from concentric circles (The Bahir). The concept of the tree is to represent how universal energy (Kether) transforms by emanations into the World (Malkuth). The Tree is about the "manifested" Universe, which is in Kabbalistic view -  based on three voids (unmanifested) which come from The Absolute.

How can we translate this ancient abstract or mental images of Kabbalah (also called Cabale or Quabbalah) using the engineering design of topological holons ?
Firstly the Kabbalistic ABSOLUTE (or Hinduist Brahman) can
self-create by a penetration of one of it's other parts a local three-layered macro-holon. The three layers are the 3 Voids, namely Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur.

This is the fundamental IMAGE of the GENESIS (Creation). This "image" (engineering design showing an energetic process) will be repeated in ALL lower (more complex) emanating systems. This is the process of genesis (formation). This is ,in example, how fundamental unions ( called particles) like photons, are created.
This is the fundamental universal energy coupling process, or
the fundamental entanglement process. This is what Quantum mechanics tries to explain with magic quantum entanglement.

Secondly, there are four different types of such macro-holons possible on the spherical membrane.

In each of these four
worlds dynamic interactions happen. They are caused by the dynamics of superiour membrane. On and/or between these three Ain-layers of each world - and still powered by the Absolute and still being Membrane - a chain of progressive more complex sub-holons can be "made" by pelastrations. Next image shows that there are 22 possible sub-holons possible.

Genesis 1:26 - God said, 'Let us make man with our image and likeness. Let him dominate the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, the livestock animals, and all the earth - and every land animal that walks the earth.'
1:27 - God [thus] created man with His image. In the image of God, He created him, male and female He created them.

[More on the Youtube movie about this]

But how can be visualized the Tree of Life? The above image shows the most simple combinations, from which more complex (more-layered) holons can deploy.

The Tree? After a certain analogy with the three derm-layers developing in the human embryo's - endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm - we can look to the middle Ain,
the Ain Soph, as the most important creation-layer - similar to the mesoderm (middle layer). Or it's possible to call the Ovum (embryo itself as a manifestation on the Ain Soph positioned inside the Womb (Ain Soph Aur). There is a lot to say here, and I will do it later, but I limit myself now to state that the Ain Soph is essential.

In the holon realm the Tree can be seen as a union of dynamic multilayered tubes which start from one or more of the Ain-layers, and where these tubes - by progressing - receive more and more layers. The penetration through the Ain Soph layer by the three superior sefirot (together one three-layered tube) gives an extra cover over this tube with is then called Daath (the Abyss), or the secret sefira. We looking from below cannot see behind.
From the Ain Soph layer another 3-layered tube (three sefirot) will descend, which is penetrated by the middle (4-layered) tube, adding six extra covers. After two additional penetrations (adding 6 + 6 Layers) the Malkuth sefira (The World) is "made", having 22 covers (Paths). This is our actual Universe where the tree gives fruits (sub-holons), which have inside "seeds" again.

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There are alternative designs possible. But all enfoldings/layerings - representing levels of increasing energy compactification - are composed and caused by the upper dynamic Membrane. In example, in next alternative design is shown how a descending "snake" creates Malkuth.

Another design - I personally prefer - is next one. It shows that Malkuth is positioned inside /centered into a womb that is made by the fermionic snake. There are 22 paths which are the merger of bosonic actions (the straight decending pillars) and the fermionic snake.
You see that always the same Universal Principle (The universal CROSS, the mathematical addition) is used, which is that of merging by dividing. Straight down motion can be called a bosonic action (energy related), and a lateral motion can be called a fermionic action (matter related).
Click on the image to see an animated gif of the building up.

In above image the Letter Bet (a Container, a House) is essential. The Large Bet is the first letter of the Bible.

Above three designs show in essence how two type of forces - an active one and a passive one create the World by their different orientation.

In this topological approach by adding more and more layers - thus by having more complex holons -
mass (weight) is created and parts of universal energy is locally stored (like in capacitors/batteries). When a holon decays - depelastrates (dies) - the unified energies become again separate energies of an higher level.

More complex holons - above a certain measuring threshold (like these of the human sensing systems) - will be called 'Photons and electrons" and "Matter" and will be visible or measurable. Below the threshold the hidden elastic connections can be called Attraction (Gravitational effects).

Finally I give here in next animated image my topological interpretation of the first two days of the Genesis, namely Genesis 1:1 till 1:8.
At the end of the animated image I show that the First (neutral) Energy can be split in two types: Enm (Energy not manifested) + Em (manifested Energy). So E = Enm + Em. Where Em = M (massa) x C^2. However the two C's are not the same. One C is the hidden "dark" energy/light, the other the light (photons) we see and observe.

This topologic approach is in the line of the original geometrical thinking of Riemann, Clifford (Energy and matter are just different types of curvature of space) and Einstein (deformations of spacetime) , but now - for the first time - explains how the emanations in the Tree of Life can happen, where the membrane is the mediator of vibrations and all holons and sub-holons are still Membrane.
In religious terms: "God is everywhere and we are part of God." or in more scientific terms: "We are enfolded/layered Membrane"

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