Animated gif U1, SU2, SU3.

Above image shows that the sub-layers are separated by the gravity membrane.

By the magnitude differences the finest layers (or its parts = micro tubes) can penetrate (pelastrate) the upper layers. (Cfr. how in a simple filter sand can go two ways but the rocks have only one freedom). We can speak of degrees of orientation. Thus SU(2) evenents can take in initiative to interact with SU(3) events if the conditions are available. SU(3) events have the highest degree of passivity. U(1) have the most freedom, except from direct pelestarted micro tubes (micro parts of the Mother-membrane).
The total dimensional 'reality' that we observe is thus an intermixing of all these layers and their local combinations.
Important is that each movement has also consequences on other related connections points. So one move of a [SU(3) + U(1)] combination event provokes also moves in specific local events the original layers.
Important: the way (active/passive role) tubes will pelastrate will change the layering position. Universes and tubes where SU2 is higher positioned than SU3 is possible. This can explain the various fundamental particle we observe, and how they are 'build'.

This pelastration approach is not contradictory to most basics of the Superstring theory and M-Brane theory.

When the Mother-Brane which is unbreakable, and super-elastic (but has it's
limits in stretchability) then the Mother-Brane movements can self-create strings, which are thus parts of the brane.

The basic 'difference' to all previous scientific approaches is that the Brane (and following sub-branes) is unbreakable. That's essential.
Since the integrity of each system follows from the gravity membranea with separates and joins at the same time we come to this presentation:

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