Bread and raisins and rare events like bolts and springs.

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(On the specific form of Hubble's expansion law: the speed of recession is proportional to distance.). Since the raisins are just coupled spacetime area's in our pelastration approach we have put inside the loaf (after analogy) a bolt with a ring and a nut, and a spring in which two raisins are embedded. These are 'rare events'. Now we can correct the image of the expanding loaf. We see also that much more interacting effects can happen, such as: during the expansion the nut may turn a little that way changing the 'grip length' (that's the area in which the purple ring may move.).
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The original animated gif comes from a website on General Relativity. Now we show that only a part of the story is told. In our model these layers ARE gravity. They come from the Mama-Brane that is restructured into smaller subsets. What we observe as gravity is an EFFECT of such spacetime shifts and their connections. We see here that layers can be connected by internal peaks and then fixed. This explains 'strange' events such as knowledge. The movements are multi-directional (two sides of each sub-brane). They don't care about direction. But they care about orientation. These three layers are part of a CIGAR (or Island), and thus it's like cigars containing sub-cigars, containing sub-cigars, etc. External cigars my interfer, pass through, embed, interact, etc ... with this cigar (changing that way the properties).

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