Images on the effects of inflated gloves.

This image (titled: Both space and spacetime can either be curved or flat. )comes from a website on General Relativity.

We adapted the above image to new animated gif. showing a number of inter-relational aspects when you apply the pelastric logic of layered membranes (which are sub-sets of a single gravity membrane, called the Mama-Brane). That way we can observe the dynamics of the spacetime curvatures on the different magnitudes of dimensions.

Keep in mind that in our design of the left each layer is a sub-part of a larger gravitity brane and is unbreakable. The membrane is almost inifite stretchable. The levels (here red, green and blue) have each their own degree of stretchability (or elasticity).

We can see here how on each level we have movements which can also influence related dimensions. When the correct conditions are available local peaks will bend also other dimensions. Red peaks can be bend the green brane and they can joinly bend also bend the blue brane. This can go like a jo-jo (just moves) but they can also knot, intertwin or fixed on a certain level. 'Events' can occur with specific proporties by a pelastration coupling. Events just stay events as long as the basic conditions stay valid. If conditions change fundamentally then decay happens to the pre-event situation. Just like Peaks can interact and couple, also Events can interact and couple.

Our approach is valid on Macro and Micro level. Indeed peaks on a membrane can couple on it own surface (two red peaks can pelastrate), even on the two sides (up and down), or can couple with up or down peak of other branes depending from the surface tension (degree of elasticity).

This approach is expressed in a different way on the second image on the left.

The three levels (red, green and blue) on our first image can be seen as the three tubes 'enveloped' in the this image. (yellow, orange and purple). But is essence they are all sub-sets of the green Mama-Brane.

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