So can we say that jumping, oscillating Spacetime is identical to STRINGS? Yes.

YES ... jumping Spacetime is identical to STRINGS. It's is one of these human paradoxes. The human race has a lot fun in making simple things very complex. As you know the pelastratic approach has only ONE postulate.

So jumping Spacetime is identical to STRINGS, and you
can say that the spacetime sphere is a giant hollow string! On the level of Prior-Geometry there is NO SHAPE, there is only dynamic potency.

The basic equation is always correct, either it starts with 1 = 1, or 0 = 0, or ∞ = ∞ .

If we start with infinity (∞) as the basic value of spacetime, then:

∞ =∞
∞ = ∞ potency
∞ = ∞ +
+ + + + +
∞ = ∞ + [
restructured ∞] + [restructured ∞] + [restructured ∞] + + +
∞ = ∞ + [
(Active part F pelastrates Passive part G)] + [(Active part K pelastrates Passive part L)] + [(Active part V pelastrates Passive part W)] + ∞ + ∞ + ∞
∞ = ∞ + [
Macro Quantum package G(f)] + [Micro Quantum package L(k)] + [Micro Quantum package W(v)] + + +

Now millions of combinations are possible, just some examples:
1. The
Active part F and/or the Passive part G of the [Macro Quantum package G(f)] can create new Quantum Micro packages inside itself (sub-sets) on any of it's boundaries.
2. The [
Micro Quantum package] may penetrate the purple ∞ zone becoming: new Quantum package [ layer over [Micro Quantum package]]
3. [
Micro Quantum package] can penetrate in the [Macro Quantum package]

As fact a combination of the String theory and Brane Theory, indeed :

∞ Membrane = ∞ strings +
∞ strings + ∞ strings + ∞ strings + ∞ strings + ∞ strings + ∞ strings

All those strings are parts of the membrane + they have automatically GRAVITY included.
Occam's razor applied: there is no need to create closed gravitational strings that float away from the brane.
The vibrations of strings depend from the vibrations of their local brane base (like the violin string is connected with the wooden violin body) and from the interactions they have with other single strings and with other Quantum packages (joined strings). So oscillations will be conducted by the brane + the strings + combination of strings which are resonant.
Occam's razor applied: there is no need to have open-end strings and we can drop the gluing problem.

Pelastration: The basic spacetime brane has two sides.

So conceptual you have on each side of the brane the reversed movement of the oscillation (cfr. waves in a moving table napkin).

If ripples couple on side A to a local new doubled layered zone ... it has a deformational effect on the other side (B) of the brane. Now on side B the spacetime peaks can also couple! That will influence the couple possibilities on side A. Now if our 3D world is on the A-side (i.e. the RED Universe) then we have no way to understand what happens (building up) on the other side of the brane (the BLUE Universe) .... but we will feel it's gravitational effects! Maybe we will call that Dark Matter or Dark force.

In String Theory and Quantum Mechanics the Uncertainty principle rules! And spacetime can be splitted and teared like a piece of paper.
In Pelastration Theory spacetime is undestructable and almost infinite stretchable.There is a simple and logic hierarchic building up.
A excited jumping Spacetime (being Prior-Geometry) can couple to holons, which can also be called Quantum packages. (see the animated gif of such creation).

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