This image shows you another time the principles of spacetime pelastration, thus how from a single oscillating spacetime membrane a multi-sheet of spacetime is created in a specific discrete zone. In the Prior-Geometry there was only GKE (General Kinetic Energy), and now in the local multi-layered zone there is LKE (Local Kinetic Energy). In the new zone (called a holon) there is structure. This structure makes it possible to speak about a METRIC and relative position.

This infolding can happen on MACRO and MICRO level, Macro where till now Einstein was situated, and Micro where Quantum Machanic where looking to. The pelastration approach is however valid for both. It's a universal mechanism. Indeed if the correct stretchability of the membrane is available: new discrete zones with unique spacetime layering can be generated by ... coincidence.
When the correct kind of oscillations are there ... new couplings can happen. So starting from the single membrane an incredible set of combinations of spacetime layers have been made to make the world that surrounds us.

Next animated image shows you how on the smallest level holons are created. The similar interaction happens on Macro scale where the general conditions are made in which new sub-holons will grow and decay. On large scale there is much more spacetime 'pillow' available.

In above animated image and the image on the left you see that jumping spacetime PEAKS can COUPLE: They 'Pelastrate', denoted as [P]. You know that Pelastration is the penetration of an unbreakbale membrane.

Here on the top : BP(x)[P]BP(y). One peak of spacetime mebrane goes through the other peak.
But not only PEAKS can couple, also EVENTS can interact [Contact, twin, knot ... and pelastrate]
(1) PE = Part of Red Peaks (x,y) + GP (x,y)+ BP(x,y)
(2) PE = Contains parts of: Red Membrane + GM + BM
(3) PE = CONNECTS RM + GM + BM (coupling/joint)
The Purple Event is linked to BM, GM, RM. There is Inter-dimensional Dynamics (i.e. changes in RM will effect in PE, etc.

i.e. Moves in the GREEN Membrane will provoke also moves of BM and RB.
i.e. Changes in RED Membrane have effect on PURPLE EVENT (i.e. internal friction in PE, decay of PE, Changes in couple-Gate, ... etc.

Some remarks on Brane dynamics (cf. this image):
1. Changes in RM can change the layering structure in the Purple Event by the redraw of RPx, but not RPy (since it is fixed inside the 'passive peak/tube)'.
2. On each Brane (RM, GM, BM) peaks can deploy, and - if conditions are present - they can pelastrate to local Brane events. (i.e. a Dark RED Event on RM).
3. Similar like PEAKS can interact and can pelastrate to EVENTS , also EVENTS can interact and can pelastrate to COMBO EVENTS.
4. PEAKS and EVENTS can happen on both sides of a brane (Bi-Directional).
5. Between two branes PEAKS and EVENTS of each Brane can interact (i.e. knots which bring binding but also Pull-effect).
6. Similar like PEAKS can influence other branes, also EVENTS can do (i.e. Push).
7. If conditions are present PEAKS and EVENTS can embed in other(s).
8. Each EVENT has a specific composition of membrane layers, but this can be adapted by other PEAKS or EVENTS ( i.e. entering peak that embeds)
9. PEAKS and EVENTS can happen on each location on the brane if the local stretchability of the brane allows it. This means on MICRO and on MACRO level.
10. Since the Mama-Brane (the total system) moves also all SUBBRANES, their PEAKS and their peak-composed EVENTS are constantly in kinetic movement.
11. Composed PEAKS (I.E. BPx) and EVENTS have internal FRICTION caused by the moving internal peaks (cfr. arm and sleeve).
12. ... and much more.

An (PURPLE) EVENT is like a discrete island or monopole that acts to the observer AS an independent FREQUENCY : a PARTICLE (photon, electron,...)/WAVE, an IDEA/KNOWLEDGE, a TONE ... or a bundle of frequencies (nuclei, atom, molecule, human). But in essence an event is restructured geometry. It's topological expression is shown at the left. All events lay thus on the 'two sides' of the brane, like condensates, and by the total movements of the system excitement is generated BETWEEN peaks and/or events - AND INSIDE peaks and or events - which brings us the "local" friction, temperature, oscillation, resonance, polarity, .... thus including phenomena such as called "scalar fields/waves".
But there is also another possibility: An exogenous pelastration may fix a certain EVENT when it goes through an stable or unstable event. At that moment the event can no longer 'decay' since it is 'locked'.
Here we see that the dark blue peak pelastrate the light blue peak. A new orange holon is created containg the layers of the dark blue tube surrounded by the layers of the light blue tube. The light blue tube may contain the layer of the green spacetime and also that of the red spacetime layer. If that is correct, then the three layers are bound with each other still the orange holon will decay. So the dark blue tube is like a sliding lock.

Pelastration can also be described as a special type of topologic CAPS.

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