Holons and the Riemann Space

The geometry of space is not just one with straight lines, normal corners on a zero-cervature plan, like the traditional Euclide geometry ( zero curvature) learned us. In spaces with positive or negative curvature other rules are valid like you can see on next images of the sphere ( a positive curvature) and the saddle (a negative curvature).
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From this insight George Bernhard Riemann developed a new geometrical concept, today called the Riemann Space. To him: Force can be understood simply by geometry.

Riemann borrowed from Gauss’s idea of a bookworm living on a two-dimensional piece of paper, and then Riemann first placed these bookworms conceptually on a crumpled sheet of paper and asked himself what this world would look like from the bookworm’s two-dimensional view. (link for more)

The bookworm in the Riemann space, the crumpled wrinkled  paper ball.
The crumpled wrinkles paper ball of the riemann space can contain zer-curvature, positive curvature and negative curvature curvations, all starting from a plane paper.
In fact the Riemann crumpled paper ball has all three type of geometric curvatures in his structure.
To the bookworm, the surface of the paper would seem to be flat and
undistorted. Because these creatures can only perceive two dimensions, they would not be able to detect that their own bodies crumple with the paper in the higher dimension. The “force” that would keep the bookworm from moving in a straight line was not a mysterious “action at a distance”, but a result of the unseen warping from the third dimension.

Einstein deformation of space-time spacetime. The riemann bookworm travels through the paper of the crumpled wrinkled paper ball.

Hidden dimensions in cut riemann space which are dynamic and moving.
The approach of Riemann opened new ways of mathematics, adding new dimensions.
Pythagor pythagoras theorem theorema diagonal
This brought new insight in various interacting forces and parameters, related to the dynamics of the Riemann space. These are included in the Riemann Metric Tensor.

Hidden dimensions in the riemann space which are dynamic and moving. The Riemann Tensor
Hidden dimensions in the riemann space which are dynamic and moving

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