The Theory of the Pelastrating Universe or the Big Tube Theory

Gravitation is the main problem to come to the Unifying Theory. Gravitons are - following the latest particle models - the smallest particles of the Universe. Gravitons only pull, never push. Since they affect everything it's logic to bring them at the outside. The existence is never proved but the gravitational effects are seen in our daily life and in the star constellations.

In our Big Tube theory one single Gravity membrane (GM) surrounds the total Universe. The fabric of this membrane is very, very flexible and in principle unbreakable.

Under certain conditions at least one expanding tube is growing and moving under internal pressure, making 'snaky' moves. This will lead to several possible inter-connections, and one is the pelastrating action.

The images on the left are 'artistic' presentations indicating with the colors of the spectrum and the inverse colors several 'fields' in the Universe. Also the descending effect (spin 2, 1, 1/2) can be found in the presentation. In the middle is a different angled channel indicating the central movements, and symbolically the 'created' time-related level. The two oppositional 'areas' in our Universe: our world and the anti-world (e.g. quarks and anti-quarks) are mixed in this image, but they will be mainly positioned in different tube-zone after the remains of the annihilation.

Only shifts in density can create combinations, fusion or 'short' interacting.

In a first scenario I see the Outside zone as the gravitation zone (graviton waves of very low frequency - only pulling inside directional - it's the internal longitude power that creates the growth of tubes) and going more to the inside the other bosons (mediators) fields and fermions. The spin of the particle descends to the middle (2, 1, 1/2). The Inside zone can be called the Electro-Nuclear interaction zone which leads to the Strong Interaction and ElectroWeak Interaction, depending of the dimensional changes of the particular universe. In our Universe Td the conditions were there to bring the Electroweak Interaction to the Weak forces and Electro-magnetic powers. In other tube-zones these conditions will never be reached. By bending tubes and by pressure from other tubes these internal zones will create conditions to reach interaction between particles (holons) of identical, related or different spin or orientation.
In the animated image on the right you can see how the original tube T1 has only a limited duality. The Gravity membrane and an internal pure energy level, likely plasma. After the first pelastration we see that the outer skin has more condensed levels in this new dimension. This new 'second' skin has also two membrane side, limiting this dimension. So there are two membranes on each other each influencing his dimension. I added a new color on the GM side and another color on the inter side, symbolizing the effects of density changes.
In the new dimension the gravity membrane is more stretched as a result of being in a flatter dimension which follows the curves of T1, but also which create pressure re-location in T1. By additional pelastrations the new dimensions become more and more varied. In the images the new layers are over-sized. And do not forget that the prime tube has at least two heads. Thus a lot more combinations and sub-combinations happen.

© Dirk Laureyssens, 2002. All rights reserved.