Some definitions:

M-BRANE: the basic membrane that is unbreakable and almost infinite elastic (stretchable). The M-Brane surface is in (constant) wave movement, thus oscillating. The M-Brane is considered a flat surface (2D) with two sides (an inside and an outside), but in an initial spherical (3D) shape. The rational for using a sphere is that it has no end when we look to the dynamics of it's surface. So the energy stored (1) is always conserved, but also (2) is dynamically redistributed over the surface.
The membrane represents Wu Chi, as a non-dual non-being substance or "pure energy". From our human view the total value seems zero, but this initial membrane is in a dynamic unbalanced equilibrium. The symmetry is reached in synthetic sense by the totality of outside and inside waves, be them restructured (coupled) or be them free (not coupled).
However by resturcturing in holons (local multi-layered spaces) the membrane doesn't stay a sphere, but it becomes a complex layered system with
zones of single membrane ( like "empty" spaces in the universe) and zones with very compactified local holons (stars, planets, objects, humans, etc.).

SPACETIME: Spacetime is the Einsteinium expression of the M-Brane in a dynamic sense (movements in time). Where in GR spacetime is not a realworld event, in my approach it is. It's in every fundamental particle, multi-multi layered in every atom, in every molecule, in every cell.
As in GR spacetime 'ripples' or oscillates (waves like a table napkin moves in the wind or like the sea surface). In our concept spacetime is very dynamic. It is in CONSTANT movement. When on certain spots holons are created the local stretchability changes or deforms.
The 2D surface can - under certain conditions - restructure itself in local 3D topological spaces (called a holon). This is
the creation of local Existence (Space), and it's related Time (of existence).
So a local Space-Time is created. But such a local space-time (frame/structure) is not absolute, but relative. It's in continuous motion. And it can decay.
Holons are similar to Einsteins frame of reference.
All sub-holons (sub-sets) created on or between membrane layers of that
specific holon (as specific frame of reference) will respect the general motion of that holon, and will be tuned to the rules of that specific holon.

RESTRUCTURED SPACETIME: Restructured spacetime is the local coupling of parts of the M-Brane.

PELASTRATION: One of the ways parts of the M-Brane can interact. Pelastration is a coupling mechanism. The mechanism consists in the penetration of one part of the M-Brane by another part on the M-Brane. A pelastration creates a new discrete (or local) area where the penetrating part (active) is covered by the receptive (passive) part. The new multi-layered locality is called: a holon.

HOLON: A holon is a local discrete area where a least two layers of the M-Brane are coupled by a penetration. A holon is a sub-set of the M-Brane. A holon has non-commutative layers. A holon contains a part of each of the parent M-brane part or contains parent-holons. (Other names used on this website for a holon: a pellon, an island, a monopole, a cigar). Examples of holons: a fundamental particle, an atom, a molecule, a gene, DNA, a cell, the liver, a human, the sun, ... .
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You can download a pdf-file showing how holons are created.
The 'traditional' holon approach does not know our double-layering or multi-layering structure and does not explain how holons might be created.
Check holons in general, in words (semantic), not in an engineering way:, and:

HOLON OSCILLATION: Holon oscillation is the totality of all oscillations inside a holon and eventually added by embedded outside holons, sub-holons, surface-contact with other holons, or by parent holons .

HOLON INTERACTION. Holons can interact in several ways. They can (1) pelastrate, (2) embed (infiltrate), (3) twin, (4) knot, (5) surface contact. By holon interactions there is transfer of energy, which provokes/cause new oscillations (effect) in other holons or inside a holon.

FRICTION: Friction is the kinetic dynamics that happens (1) inside holon between the inside ST layers, (2) between the outside ST-layers of contacting holons.

HOLON NETWORK: A network of holons is a group of holons which have on (at least) one level inter-connection which bind them dynamically and give a joint reaction of movement provoked by outside holons.

DIMENSIONS: Dimensions are the results of connections between holons and their perception (relative positioning) by observing participants.

OBSERVING PARTICIPANT: An observing participant is a complex holon structure that contains at least one sensoring sub-holon system which allows him to be aware of changes in other holons or of at least position changes of other holons.

PERCEPTION: Perception is the awareness of the observing participants of other resonant holons.

AWARENESS: Awareness is the possibility to capture resonant oscillations of other holons by direct contact of the holons involved, by intermediary holons, by embedded holons, or indirect by membrane oscillations of parent holons.

OSCILLATION MIRRORING: Oscillation mirroring is the surface interaction between two spacetime layers by which the oscillation-pattern of one layer is in surface contact with the other layer as a mirrored pattern.

INTER-HOLON KNOTS: Inter-holon knots are local pelastrations provoked by excitations in a spacetime layer of a holon by (1) another spacetime layer inside the holon, (2) by an outside holon or (3) oscillations of a spacetime layer of a parent holons. (i.e. knowledge knots).
GRAVITY : the local and non-local stretching effects of the M-Brane

MASS: a property given to local areas with a high number of membrane layers. The more layers a locality has the more density is reached, and such zone has less stretchability.

MEMBRANE CAUSALITY: The membrane being also a "conductor" of oscillations will inter-connect all holons, all sub-holons and the total system. Local holons can cause changes in other - very distant - other holons which seems to have no causal relationship to the observer/participant. (cfr. Jung's synchronicity, ESP, remote viewing, etc.). A post on

MEMBRANE DUALITY: The membrane or spacetime can create on both sides (INside and OUTside) holons. To the inside observer the outside holons can not be observed but their gravitational effects can be measured by the deformations of spacetime. This explains dark matter or dark energy. In each holon - having several layers of membrane coupled internally - this duality is present. On this page with photo's you can see on photo's 8 and 9 how holons at the other side are invisible to us but provoke deformational effects on the (gravitational) brane.

VACUUM: In essence our concept does not need vacuum or ether to explain the creation of everything. Once the layer is in oscillation it can create locally holons. Everything is created by combinations of the basic holons. Kinetic energy becomes TD, EM, Weak and Strong Force. Local interaction create locally moves in the holon which influence also the other parts in the total system. It's a giant feed-back or push-pull system that is self-organizing.

TUNITY: Tunity is a combination of TUNE and UNITY. 
tune has a double sense: a (universal) melody, and tune in (communication/resonate)
Unity, the whole, together making a Whole. 
So Tunity stands for universal vibrations by which we can communicate with each other and with Nature, and by which we are aware of being part of a larger Unity.

LIFE: Holons are multilayered. So locally, in a holon, local energies of the Membrane are converted in entangled or compressed surfaces. In such topological multilayered space these local energies are slowed down in their freedom of action. That's how yin energy is "fixed" by yang energy, making a joined structure (a union). In that union is energy is like cooled down, condensed, restrained (limited to move, jailed, caged). However the interactions between the layers - caused by the dynamics of the Mother membrane or parent holons - creates a secondary effect: friction (thermodynamic effects) and EM-effects (type of local dynamo).
So although the local system as a whole is "framed" in it's multi-layered structure, the parts (membrane layers) are relatively pressed on each other and reposition/exchange energies between them, which may lead to the creation of new (smaller) sub-holons.
So a topological space has - inherent - a specific,
Internal Energy Exchange System (IEES). We can call that local LIFE.

Where LIFE is the local set of energy exchange processes in a multilayered holon caused by the general dynamics of the Mother Membrane, the holon structure itself, and maintained by absorbed energies from other holons (air, water, food, sunlight, ...).

As such LIFE is a more complex level than EXISTENCE (local Space-Time).

ON THE BRANE: Topological holons are part of the membrane. Thus they are on the brane. Holons are created when two separate peaks on the membrane couple. Since holons are continuous with the membrane the holons are interconnected with the membrane and with all other holons.
In next first animated image is shown the creation of topological holons by membrane actions. The more layers a holon has, the more "mass" it will have.

In the second animated image - where the membrane is made invisible - is illustrated how holons - like viritual particles and fundamental particles leading to atoms and molecules (all holons) will pop-up from "no-thing". However they are caused by the actions of the membrane.

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