The Beginning of the Universe (2).

The gravitational membrane as presented here is an interesting phenomena. It's tensegrite properties make that everything is related with everything. One tiny movement in your Jupiter finger on the computer mouse will have a relationship with for example the Orion galaxy. It shows also that we all have in a basic dimension of our body basic energy from 16 billions years ago. And that gives me a feeling of JOY. ;-).

Since the Graviton membrane is so essential I want to point on some interesting entries. It all depends on the Observer's view. When we analyze the gravitation field we may believe that it must be an active field (a potency of action). But that's not for sure. It all depends of the nature of the ZERO or VOID. If the VOID (in religious terms: GOD) is a vacuum type of energy it can pull, and what we call the gravitation field can be a neutral membrane and the internal gravitation is only an indirect effect of vacuum. If the Void pushes (extreme pressure) there will be also 'Void Tubes' through our membrane encircled Universe.

Here we see how the Void pulls with vacuum forces. The Gravitation membrane may be neutral.
Here we see how the Void pushes and the internal Universe pushes back. The Gravitation membrane may be neutral too. You can see how the Void creates tubes through our Universe. In such 'Void Tubes' the center of the tube is the Void itself. It this on another pelastration level the missing matter?
This image shows you the two type of basic tubes. If this image make you think about the solar processes you are right. In our Sun and all other stars there are channels of other temperature. Our Sun is however the result of several pelastrations, thus is a physical microcosmos presentation of the general pelastration manifolding on macrocosmos level. So above ... so below.

Now since we all all curious about this Universe and most of us about our relation with GOD we can say that our Universe is a pelastration of the VOID. The little circle that created our Universe (in a previous animated image) is in fact a tube itself showing when a part of the VOID manifested itself in a new dimension.

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