The Big Tube Theory (3)

Now we are going to look some more in detail to the sequential layering when two tube pelastrate.
Here is the basic T1 tube.

The T2 Tube has pelastrated the T1 and look ... it's T1 again at the outside! A double T1. Nice!

Now the second act of pelastricity happens and we have three times the same T1, and we call him the T3. After each pelastration we have other pressure and other rigidity. The [Pf] will determinate how the ratio's are. And when the center of T3 sings a song ... all other layer will vibrate with it. That's Tunity.
But now we are going a step further.

There are distortions caused by several parameters. Since there are billions of tubes they influence each other. In the image on the right you can see how at the outer of T3 a large green spot become dominant. You may choose the reason but I am sure it's serious for creatures of that tube-zone. And these creatures are also part of US!That image might be however also an image of your body. Then the green spot means: illness! And then you have to do something about that. Maybe sing a song or meditate in resonance with the original source: T1. T1 is still in good shape! Check it out.

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