The Big Tube Theory (2)

There are several ways tubes can interact on all different levels. The image on your left can be inverse in such a way that those actions happen inside a sphere. A combination of both is of course also possible. Such lasting or temporal connections can happen between tubes of different levels (e.g. T2 [P] T5), tubes for different dimensions (e.g. T3x [P] T4z), tubes for different tube-zones (e.g. T11g [P] T26z). The number of possible combinations is infinite. Your might think that this is an abstract exercise but this happens also on your kitchen level when you are cooking the eggs. And when you are swallowing them. ;-). It might be interesting to visualize the difference between a dimension and a tube-zone (but we can discuss about that).
Here you have an artistic impression about our Universe. I am sure you will recognize it. You see many (but not enough) tubes essential in our system to create anything we know and don't know. But this is only a part of the story.
Our Universe is also linked with other type of non-material metaphysic dimensions. I know that this will difficult to understand but try to figure it out by yourself. Meditate on it. ;-).

© Dirk Laureyssens, 2002. All rights reserved.