The HOLONS or ISLANDS and Tunity

On this website we speak about Holons, Islands and even of monopoles, cigars ... but all are in fact referring to the same concept.

Holons or Islands are like different entities. To the observer they are separate 'isolated' islands, thus another mini-universe with different functions, different rules, different colors, different habitants, different fruits, different language, different apples, ...).

When we have the overview we will see that islands are just the local tops of the earth surface which are surrounded by water.

For the island-bound observer (the monkey) only his island and it's products and events are important.

The satellite view (the Eye of Ra) will show us however that everything that grows on all these separate islands (with all these differences) comes from Earth, which is just a part of the Universe.

You can visualize our universe as a giant Fedex/DHL/TNT package delivery service system (sending box-in-box-in-box-in-box-in-box packages and box+box+box packages, on receipt taking out one box and forwarding the rest to another recipient who adds another bibibibi box and takes out a box of the first, repacks all in a larger package and resends that to another ..., ... till the 'final recipient" has enough (quantum) boxes to built his temporal house.

Although all boxes are empty ... a HOUSE is made.

Empty boxes are the building stones of the Universe .... This may remember you to the Hindu / Buddhist vision that everything is just MAYA, a big dream. Buddhists say:"Emptiness is Form, and Form is Emptiness"

But ... for us individual 'human islands' (which are build from empty boxes) the REALITY (the other islands) is also build from empty boxes. Together (even built from empty boxes) we can have together a lot of Fun, Warmth and Love. That's important.

This understanding helps us also to live in ecological balance.

The approach of Pelastration and Tunity shows that the each island keeps it's original layers (basic components) and historic design, which are although adapted during it's existence (island life-time frame) by internal changes (conform intra conditions, thus in accordance with internal 'allowed' growth and decay condintions) and by exogenous factors.
Every island acts like an isolated unit (with an own state of the system) but is in fact still in each of it's layers connected with it's founding states of structure. And the membrane is still the same and everywhere. And ... the original basic motion is the center of each island.

Each island is thus a holon (Cfr. Arthur Koestler: A holon may be defined as 'one part within a larger whole that is itself also a whole containing smaller parts' -- a self-organizing phenomenon observed in all areas of life.) or a BIBIB (a Box-in-Box-in-Box).

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