Pelastration (2)

cfr. the Uroboros snake

Pelastration is an essential cosmic process which creates dimensions but also interaction due isolation. On the mathematic level you can say it is 'adding' a layer to the previous. The PLUS (+). When you follow the way of the snake on the animated image on the left you can see how the basic numbers are formed. It brings an extra layer over the basic layer. In Kabbal terms it can be called: an emanation. But in specific pelastrations you will find also the basics of multiplication. On mechanical level it is fixation of two dynamic energy channels.

On the energy level it creates an essential 'Isolation' between two layers. Interaction is brought by the friction between the two layers. If one layer moves the other(s) will move too. This brings a mechanical explanation to 'resonance'. But it creates also 'tension'. Two tubes are vibrating in a type of organic unity but will contain layers and sub-layers with different electromagnetic/electric tension.

So depending from the point of interest from the observer pelastration gives us an other type of information. How many layers? What internal interaction? What relation with other tubes?
And there are several type of pelastration as you can see in above animated image. But there are more, for example the blocked pelastration (interesting to explain the spin of atoms and electrons). This means that a pelastrating tube can only continue his way over a limited distance because he is already joint on a previous level by one or more tubes. To the observer a micro-tube coming out from another tube will be considered in the traditional approach as the emission of a particle. In our approach the wave represents the expanding tube and the particle the conditional manifestation in time.

By this fixing mechanism trillions of different combinations were made.

An interesting aspect is also that changing conditions on a relevant level will release the structural sensitive bindings by de-pelastration. Pelastration can be seen as a pressure knot or valve, a wormhole with spacetime curvature.

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