The holistic approach of topological holons respects in fully logic and causality. It is a new development in combinatorics theory and logic. We have only one postulate: There is a very dynamic and non-breakable background membrane (empty set). That set can create it's own sub-sets by a pelastration. Systems like Quantum Mechanics have maybe 25 postulates, and they deny causality. When you deny causality you are proving your ignorence to understand fundamental concepts.
Above image shows a outside approach, but an inside presentation is also possible (see left). Where the basic dynamic membrane has in potency "neutral energy", thus not manifested, when a first holon is made a small part of this giant potential energy is now "specific energy". And locally, in the holon, we see two different aspects, namely a yang, backbone part (call it the clapper of the bell) and a ying, covering part (call it the cup of the bell). By the very dynamics of the total membrane, the clapper part will interact with the cup, and viseversa. This first holon is the first manifestation of EXISTENCE. And this means that with the birth (pelastration) also death (de-pelastration) is introduced. So for this first holon there is a specific "time". As long this holon exists there will be a "specific reference frame of space and time".

To understand in full our approach I suggest you download these two e-books (pdf's) from next direct links: Topological Holons and Holon Causality.
To keep it simple we first start with
two First holons. One (holon 2*) is created by a pelastration of two inside membrane tubes, and one (holon 2°) is created by a pelastration of two outside tubes. Remember that our holons are like bells. And the sound mediates over the membrane.
In the below image we add two basic holons, so we have the 4 basic holons are created by the membrane. These first holon types (2*, 2°, 2' and 2") have each three layers. The two outside layers are the outside of the passive peak, one inner layer is from the penetrating yang membrane peak.
Next we show in detail the 22 holons which can be created starting from holon type 2*, one of four first holons.
This 2* holon can create - at the next level - two more complex holons by a combination with the membrane.
3A and 3B are again parents for more complex types of holons.

This image is based on the basic holon 2* on the inside of the membrane sphere. That gives 22 possible different holons. There is also a self-pelastrating basic holon 2° on the inside. That gives also 22 possible different holons. Then there are two other basic holons (2' and 2") at the outside of the membrane sphere. They also can create each 22 different holon types. We can say that some of these 88 basic holons make the fundamental particles. The more layers they have the more mass they will have, and less flexibility they will have. Next image shows on the inside and the outside the 8 different holons the basic holon 2* can make after 4 building steps + the basic holon 2°. This all is in fully respect of logic and causality, so we don't need the Heidenberg Uncertainty Principle (HUP), Quantum Mechanics or magic super-positions to explain the Universal building up of Complexity.

So holons prove us the interconnectivity of everything with everything ... a full holistic approach.

Although all holon building blocks are empty ... HOUSES are made.

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