The last two holons of the fourteen HOLON TYPES of level 5: 5M and 5N

The Catalan Numbers show us there are 14 combinations possible on the fifth level.

These are more HOLON COMBINATIONS of the 5th-level.
We have now examined the 22 holons with originate from basic holon 2*. All of these holons have another internal layering structure. These 22 holon types are 'types'. So there may be trillions of them in one area of the universe. Mathematically the possible combinations that ONE set of them can make between them is faculty 22!. But that's not all. Each of these 22 can make combinations with the membrane peaks. And additionally to that EACH PARENT HOLON can be pelastrated by one or more membrane peaks. So the complexity is really extreme large, much more than the expotentiality in mathematics.
We have shown that there is also - next to basic inside holon 2* - the second basic inside holon 2°. (see the first 4 holons). Also this 2°will have 22 similar combinations as 2* but with a different starting layering. So these holons have a different layering history/causality than these of the 2* family. Again within their set 22!
And this happens also for the two outside holon types 2' and 2". Again for each - within their own set 22! (22 x 21 x 20 x 19 x 18 x 17 x ...) possible combinations.

So within the basic inside sets are 44! possible combinations (identical in the outside). This is theoretical, not all combinations will be made in nature since a number of pelastrations/penetrations will not be possible due to the high density of the outer layers.

But there are even more possibilities of combinations: The trans-membrane holons. These are holons which are a combination of an outer holon with an inside holon or an inner holon with an outer holon. This is shown in next image. Notice that the pure membrane is laying between the two different type of holons. Trans-membrane holons explain the enigma of life (coupling of Mind and Body)

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