The HOLON TYPE 3A and 3B

Previously we showed that the orientation of a pelastration gives an other result. We see that the pelastration of a membrane peak (1) by holon 2* provokes the holon type 3A with 5 layers. But if the membrane peak pelastrates holon 2* than a different holon 3B is created which has 7 layers.

HOLON 3A is the parent holon for many other holons.
HOLON 3B is the parent holon for many other holons.

From the holon type 2* two new holons were created. Remarkable is that 3A has a smoother distribution of energy. There is only one very yang (red) layer inside this holon. The green layers are well distribute in 3A. The orange layer(s) is in fact a green layer which is differently colored since it is in direct contact with the red layer.

In 3B we see a irregular distribution. 3B has inside two extra yang layers, and only one outside green layer. 3B has more layers than 3A, thus is more rigide, and ... has although more energetic internal vibration. So the "children" of 3B will have some of these charateristics too.

Next page we see that on the fourth level we have five new holon types.

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