Het membraan dat delen van zichzelf tot holons kan verbinden is dus dynamisch en onbreekbaar, en bijna oneindig uitrekbaar. In de holons zal dit membraan ook de ISOLATOR zijn en aldus ook de hierarchie in de lagen garanderen. IEDERE holon heeft zijn EIGEN hierarchische GEOMETRIE van SPACETIME.

Deze isolator zorgt ook voor de assymetrie (dualiteit) die essentieel is voor de energie-distributie in zelf-organiserende systemen.

In volgende beeld laten wij zien hoe holons een verschillend aantal lagen spacetime kunnen hebben ... en dat hangt enkel af van de orientatie van welke tube dan wel passief of actief is. Dit lijkt tegen het gezonde verstand in te gaan ... maar tel de lagen maar.

Hier zien wij dat sub-holons (zgn. EVENTS) van holons ook kunnen communiceren met andere sub-holons in andere verafgelegen holons (non-local).

De verdere vertaling volgt later.

This image learns us also that events inside holons may interact with each other by the spacetime membrane. We have here the pink star and the yellow stars (as being sub-holons in holon M(b) and A(m). We can say that between the two stars is a gravitational tension: If you would move the yellow star also the pink star will move because they are into a common network. But their is more: If the yellow star would have a very special kind of vibration the membrane will act as a conductor of those vibrations. We can call that membrane communication or membrane causality. If these holons represent humans ... this can explain strange non-local communication such as para-normal (ESP) phenomena or Sheldrake's Morphic fields.

Now we look what can happen into a holon, let's say John.

Focus first on the lowest holon (5+): That's John. Inside John there are a number of layers which make together our friend John. We can say that the 5-level is his sensors (eyes, nose, ears, skin, tongue). By this outside layer-system he receives information from his SURROUNDING. We can call the 4-level the Brain (as related to consciousness/awareness, thus reacting on stimuli and able to FOCUS). Let's call the 3-level microtubulines in the brain (storage, reproduction, rewriting information by adapting local spacetime geometry. c.f. pdf-file). The 2-level is the cell-level including DNA-vibrations. This Level 2 is fully corporal, meaning here vibrational information of all cells is distributed. Thus also information which is NOT connected by for example by nerves (John's brain has no direct information here). This level could be John's unconsciousness. Level 1 can be the GENES which are embedded in the DNA. Genes contain very old information related to ancestors. There Jung's collective unconsciousness may produce 'archetype images'.

We have now 5 interacting layers which are constantly in movement. During daytime our level 5 is very active (Short Beta and Alfa brain waves) but during our sleep (longer Beta waves and Theta waves) there is no longer outside (Level 5) information and then information comes on Level 4 from the other local inside layers 3, 2 and 1 or even from non-local holons via deeper membrane oscillations. Of course there are billions of unique cells with hundred of such layers in John. In essence it's are all holons in kinds of over-layering tree-networks.

In next image we see how Macaque cortex zones (holons) have directs contact with other cortex zones (holons). But these holons are also sending and receiving more subtile information over their membrane layers.

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